Monday, August 6, 2012

Bad reputation in my dream

6th August 2012

"I dream about my son going to a new school. He is doing fine. But the problem is that he is not liked, because of me. When we are in the toilettes it is clut on the floors. When we are trying to clean ourselves from the clay/mud it is difficult. When I walked on a bridge, I and my children, my daughter falls in the muddy water and I have to save her from it. When I talk to two fancy and rich women they look at me and laugh and say that I smell bad, that I burp and that is why nobody loves my son in school. I am trying to explain myself and showing my pretty face that I was worse before. But they won't listen. I sit in a cantine in a school and can't finish the meal. I try to throw it in the garbadge, but the garbage is not big enough. I try to clean it all up and when people see the garbage they are not pointing at me, they only pass, like nothing happens, because they don't know it is me, and that is good, I feel calm but I am alert if something is gong to change. I clean up my self or trying it at least. I don't like this dream"

To dream that you are in preschool suggests that you are going through a transitional phase in your life. The dream may also represent some unresolved feelings of anxiety or separation.

Alternatively, a dream that takes place in school may be a metaphor for the lessons that you are learning from your waking life.You may be going through a "spiritual learning" experience.

To see or work with clay in your dream represents creativity and the ability to shape your mind. It may also mean that you are able to manipulate things to your advantage. Alternatively, it indicates your need to set some goals and plans for yourself. You have some growing up to do and need to plan for the future. According to Freudian perspective, clay symbolizes feces.

To see mud in your dream suggests that you are involved in a messy and sticky situation. It also suggests that some spiritual cleansing is needed.
To dream that you are walking in mud suggests that you are feeling weighed down by a situation, problem, or relationship. You are feeling frustrated.
To dream that mud has gotten on your clothing means that your reputation is being attacked and called into question. Consider the term "mud-slinging" to refer to some politicians.

To see muddy or dirty water in your dream indicates that you are wallowing in your negative emotions. You may need to take some time to cleanse your mind and find internal peace. Alternatively, the dream suggests that your thinking/judgment is unclear and clouded. If you are immersed in muddy water, then it indicates that you are in over your head in a situation and are overwhelmed by your emotions. 

To dream that you are crossing a bridge signifies an important decision or a critical junction in your life. This decision will prove to be a positive change filled with prosperity and wealth in the horizon. Bridges represent a transitional period in your life where you will be moving on to a new stage. If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will be an emotional one. If you fall off the bridge and into the water, then the dream indicates that you are letting your emotions hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. Alternatively, the bridge may indicate that you are trying to "bridge" or connect two things together.

I had my mother at my house this day. She came and she continued to ask a question that made me sad and annoyed. I didn't tell her to stop nor tried to do something and I felt that I was being attacked by the question. 

To smell something in your dream indicates your past experiences and feelings you associate with that particular smell. Your dream is trying to convey a feeling with a familiar smell or scent. Alternatively, the scent may be part of your real environment which you have incorporated into your dream.

To dream that something stinks suggest that you are not being supported by your social circle or your environment. 

To dream that you burp indicates that your subconscious is informing you that you are going through some changes. You are seeing things differently as you grow older and gain more experience.

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